Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Best and Worst Nutrition Sites: Part Two

By Marcie Barnes

(This post is part of an assignment for the class I am taking, Global Impact of New Communication Technologies at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I will be posting the best and worst websites I find on nutritional information related to my research project, as described here:

Today's Best

Medical News Today's: Organic foods in relation to nutrition and health key facts

This article is found on Medical News Today – described as “The number one ranked (Google and Yahoo!) website for medical news. Independent, authoritative and unbiased news from thousands of sources around the globe, divided into over 100 therapy areas (disease/condition categories).” - I had never heard of this resource before, even after doing a voluminous amount of 'medical research' during my pregnancy. If this article is representative of the rest of the site, I am very impressed. It spells out the nine reasons why organic food is more nutritious and healthy, and cites over 60 additional articles and studies to bolster the opinion.

Today's Worst's Nutrition Entry

Part of the network, About's sitelet on Nutrition has a blog-style setup on the front page, which I was not expecting. In addition, many of the articles contain polls which are set up in a strange format - a bulleted list of choices for me to click on to vote. I had to click on one in order to confirm that it was truly a poll. Typically, pages can be a useful source of information when looking for references, but this makes it appear to be just another place to read articles about the subject. I did find after a while that if I click through in the navigation, I was taken to the familiar bulleted lists of resources on different topics, as I was looking for. But I honestly had to visit the page twice to figure that out! As much as I like blogs, I don't like the confusing combination offered here.

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