Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Best and Worst Nutrition Sites: Part One

By Marcie Barnes

(This post is part of an assignment for the class I am taking, Global Impact of New Communication Technologies at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I will be posting the best and worst websites I find on nutritional information related to my research project, as described here.)

Today's Best

Consumer Reports' Section on Organic

Titled When it pays to buy organic. This sitelet is extremely useful and objective, and comes from a very trusted source, Consumer Reports. I think because they are funded by their readerships and not by advertisers, they are easily the most unbiased source of reliable information for consumers. In the organic report, there is a plethora of useful information including why organic is better for your health (and the controversy surrounding that claim), how to pick and choose which organic foods to buy, how to educate yourself on food labeling in the organic arena, and an interactive quiz on Organic I.Q.

Today's Worst


Part of the AOL network, That's Fit is a blog I still read almost on a daily basis - but I have to serve up some honest criticism of the disorder that is often apparent to me. This blog has a total of 18 authors contributing posts, and it seems to me that some of them could use some editorial assistance, or even a simple spell-check! Often, I notice that two different bloggers will blog about the same subject, and I've never seen one of the authors respond to any comments on any post. Not that this is a requirement, but it's annoying when the post ends with a question - doesn't that indicate a dialogue is forthcoming? In addition, one of the features I was following, Recipe Rehab was supposed to be a weekly feature that has not been updated since a Fourth of July post. Anyway, there are some great redeeming qualities to this blog, including my favorite feature, Life Fit With Laura Lewis.

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