Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mainstream Deodorant Causes Cancer!

By Marcie Barnes

Okay, I am being an alarmist, but this is something I have been suspecting for years. And just as I was about to post a product review on Tom's of Maine Natural Lavender Long-Lasting Deodorant Stick - out comes the news from Britain: a link between breast cancer and deodorant. It just seems logical to me that applying aluminum to your body every morning just after shaving said area is not the greatest idea, considering this is an area of your body designed to release toxins.

I know, there are always people who say "there is no conclusive proof that x, y, or z cause cancer", and I agree that there are probably a lot of factors that go into the birth of something like cancer, but if you're like me, air on the side of caution. I have been known to use mainstream deodorants in the summer when the "natural" kinds didn't do the trick, but after trying this new Tom's product, and reading the recent news, I think those days are over.

That said, I highly recommend the above product, for those of you looking for a good alternative. I don't even normally like the scent of lavender, but it is extremely light in this product. In addition, I picked it up at my local Target, which was very convenient. It has passed the day-at-the-pool-in-90+-degree-heat-in-NC test as well. And, it's clear, so I don't have to worry about those accidental white marks on my clothes.

However, I'm not much of a sweater so I'd be glad to hear if anyone else has tried it and how they liked it.

Product review can wait, I thought this news was pretty important to get out there.

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